Music Of The Week #002

I was introduced to Smisch last week, and I am really enjoying his track The Story Of My Life.

Smisch is a Swedish singer/songwriter who is releasing his debut album, The Story Of My Life on Wednesday 11th January. Give the title track a listen below.

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52 Adventures #1


As cheesy as it may sound, if I was to describe this week in one word it probably be ‘new’. New year, new places, new blogging attempt!


Only a week in and this year has seen the return of The Kitty Opal Show both on Radio Horton and to it’s website. I’m looking forward to see what happens over the next year with this. I have hugely missed getting behind the mic, and I hope I won’t have to stay away for as long again.



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Suggestive Coffee #1: Books

This week’s drink: Green Tea – warm and refreshing, perfect for this January chill!

Brief catch up: I have started using my fitbit again….and won both of the challenges I took part in (a bit of friendly competition between myself and Amy….I’m not sure she’s still talking to me however! We’ll see how I fair on next week’s Work Week Challenge. 5 days could see a closer call!). Writing daily poetry on instagram is proving to be fun, I hope it continues as well as it is going so far! We’ll catch up properly in Sunday’s 52 Adventures’ post.

This Week’s Recommendations: Books! 

Well what else did you expect really?

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