The Chemistry Cafe

If you’re looking for a food & drink experience with a twist, you rarely have to venture far to find them. The trick is to find the real gems amongst the madness. Whether that means heading to Birmingham’s railway arches, back in time to 1940s Stratford Upon Avon or down to Stourbridge’s former pharmacy.

The Chemistry Cafe has warmly welcomed Autumn with a delicious new menu.


Having caught ourselves drooling over the sound of the entire menu, the executive decision was made that myself & Rock Chick needed a Monday lunch meeting at The Chemistry Cafe.

We arrived to find the summer decorations swapped out for Autumnal ones. Including the beautiful leaves hanging from the ceiling.


After much debate we both decided on the delicious Kofta. Which only just lasted long enough for a picture!

There is the slightest kick to the flavour that just gives the meal a little something special. The couscous is overflowing with delicious peppers, onion and pomegranate seeds. (Something that I got more than a little excited by!) The pickled cabbage brought both gorgeous colour and taste as well as a delicious crunch to the dish & the Kofta itself was mouthwateringly delicious.

There is always a smile and friendly atmosphere ready to welcome everyone who enters, and they do their utmost to meet a wide range of dietary requirements.

The cafe itself has done well in retaining many of the pharmacy fixtures, including display walls and dispensary counters. Keeping with the chemistry theme even the toilet is decorated in chemistry jokes!


They have a wide range of teas and their ingredients are always fresh and seasonal. Having sampled two out three hot chocolates on offer, I very quickly fell in love with the cafe and find any excuse to return!


So if you’re looking for delicious drinks, mouthwatering food, and an independent business to support, The Chemistry Cafe is definitely the place to go…I’ll see you there, mine’s a Sweet and Salted Hot Chocolate!


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