I Recognised This Path

I recognised this path,
I knew it step for step.
Where I might slip,
Where I stumbled before.

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I have never learnt road names.

I direct by landmarks.

A long corner green bank.

A not so crumbled cottage.

The island with a Pegasus.

Some signified home.

The gentle hill that stole your breath.

The smell of coffee from the motorway.

The mass evacuation on the train.

Others signified adventure.

The golden letters on red brick.

The short sharp whistle.

The windmill that lost its sails.

In few I found forever.

The sparkle of a star held in chocolate eyes.

The laugh that rings through each room.

The passion that sparks fires.

An Autumnal Love

Out of nowhere, you burst forth.

You gave up on slipping in a long time ago.

A gradual burn was never your style.

You never could wait to rush in,

Engulf me within your hug,

Fill my lungs with your cologne of

Freshly fallen rain and bonfires.

Your eyes burn brightly aint the path you tred.

Misty mornings are filled with your breath.

Evenings warmed by fireside glows,

Afternoon cheeks kissed bright pink.

Promises whispered in the wind.

Soup-filled souls gazing lazily.

You appeared like a firework,

A flash of colour upon this earth.

You’ll disappear like the mist,

Gone, before we know…